How IPS Specials support their customers to comply with the latest GPhC guideline


The MHRA have stated that taking orders over the phone “increases the risk of a transcription error and the wrong material being supplied to the pharmacy and compromising patients safety.”

To avoid these errors, the MHRA requires suppliers to get confirmation of orders in writing, for example by email, fax or via an online ordering system provided by the manufacturer. It is therefore, advised by the GPhC that manufacturers work closely with their customers that this guideline is followed.

In order to ensure Patient Safety and to comply with the above regulation the team at IPS are supporting Pharmacists with the following solutions: click here to view the flowchart.

If you would like to discuss the changes in more detail, please contact our customer service team on 0800 644 0747

Read more about the guideline on GPhC websiteRPS website and MHRA.