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A fundraising event is organised to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month every year, by hosting a bake sale in our offices. We ask our staff to wear a pink item of clothing and donate money generously.

This year, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday with delicious pancakes and asked our colleagues to donate money to support a local charity – Kingston Carers Network.

Every year, we organise a bake sale and a raffle to support the Biggest Coffee Morning initiative and donate money to We Are Macmillan Cancer Support. 

We host a Wear BLUE day, annually, to raise awareness and money for education about men’s need to seek regular check-ups and other health issues that affect men. We organise a bake sale and ask our colleagues to wear a blue item of clothing. All money collected from the event go to Prostate Cancer UK.

Every year, we make the world better with a sweater by wearing a Christmas jumper for the day and donating money to Save the Children.

In order to support the victims of earthquakes in Nepal, we organised a fundraising event involving our Senior Management Team – Dabble with the Directors. Money collected from the event went to Unicef.

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